Ruth Fogelman

poems for Jerusalem Day 2020


Jerusalem’s Air


Rejoice with Jerusalem and be glad with her, all of you who love her…

Isaiah 66:10



your air, clear as water from a spring,

vibrates with chanted prayer

and melodies of your praise.

Flocks of swifts

ride on swells of your song.


You, too, have wings,

wings that uplift

those who walk within your gates,

lift up their prayers

and enfold your lovers

in an embrace.



Precious City


My precious city, you enthrall me,

you captivate, inspire and uplift me

Jerusalem, my spirit is bound in yours.

Beloved city, you beckon me

to enter your gates, you embrace me

Jerusalem, you hold my soul in yours.



City of Dreamers and Dreams


Jerusalem, city of dreamers and dreams,

the days our prophets foresaw have begun to unfold.

At your prayer-seeped Wall, fly doves all white

and from the heavens, radiant cerulean gleams.

Bedroom of G-d, my glorious city of gold

precious beloved, Jerusalem, city of light.